Openstack (Miratis)–creating stack using Horizon and Heat (Hot)

Mirantis openstack is having an option to load the stack from horizon and deploy the instance and in this example Mirantis Openstack’s dashboard is used. But the same can be done from command line as well:

1. Login to openstack horizon using your credentials and go to Orchestration -> Stack:

2. Click on “Launch Stack” and select “Direct Input” option in Template Source:

3. Add the heat template and click on “Next”. Give a name to your stack and provide the password to the user from which you are trying to deploy the template. It should show you all the variable that you have added as per your environment.

4.  Wait for 2/3 mins and the instance creation should be completed. The deployment time depends on the size of the HDD.

5. Go to the instance tab to see the newly created instance. Now to access the instance:

  • get the floating IP from the console
  • use the available keypair and do ssh to the instance

6. Once utilization is over, you can “Suspend Stacks” the instance from “Orchestration -> Stacks” tab and for next requirement you can “Resume Stacks” it:

Source :


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